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Healing Trauma With The Gestalt Approach

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Gestalten – as human nature by: Elisabeth Helene Sæther (therapist and supervisor)

Workshop date: 1-4 May 2024

The day starts with 30 min qigong practice and closes with 30 min jin yoga as a frame to take care of ourselves.

Venue: 1124 Budapest, Bürök u 10.

We are able to feel each other. In this workshop we will explore and learn with the lead of Elisabeth Helene Sæther (Norwegian therapist and supervisor) about how to use our natural human capacity for processing and healing our traumas.

Elisabeth is both an experienced Gestalt therapist since 2009 and supervisor since 2013 and an IoPT practioner since 2021. Through the combination of her various professional educations and her unique life experience she developed an approach to efficiently address and potentially heal a very broad range of chronic conditions, rooted in unresolved trauma, inculding various types of chronic physical pain, depression, anxiety and many other mental, emotional or physical ailments.

When I think of Elisabeth, words like soft and stable come to my mind. I invite her to teach us, because these are the qualities in my subjective opinion most needed when we work with humans in pain. We are learning qualities from people, she has qualities I would like to learn. Join me if you feel like.

Change happens, space and freedom becomes achievable when I get the chance to feel my pain and suffering in a safe environment in the present moment. A set and setting which was not possible or available back then, for many of us especially not in childhood. We experience and start to learn how to fully embrace our whole existential experience here and now.

This is an introductory workshop. Opens up the possibility for further studies if you feel like becoming experienced in the field.

Fee: 500 EUR

Last minute fee for MAG members: 450 EUR

To apply please write here:

or call: +36 30 391 3247


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1124 Bürök utca 10
Bürök utca 10
Budapest, 1124
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