Judit Bence: A Toddler Mommy developing Gestalt Skills – in 10 points (2015.06.03)

I have a one year old son, I’m a toddler mom. In my professional life, I’m an OD consultant, HR specialist and Gestalt therapist. I have the
ambition to intervene in organisations and with people who are facing significant change challenges. In the past year being with my child, I realized how much I’ve improved my skills as a Gestalt practitioner too, here is how.
• Whatever happens, breath – let it be a tantrum or an unexpected late night party, breathing does help tremendously. If I’m not frozen I can be more relaxed and flexible.
• He is different – he has his own world which is soooooo interesting if I’m patient and curious. And it’s not mine.
• Trust the process – whatever is happening at the moment: eventually he will fall asleep or turn around or start to crawl, now is not forever.
• ‘Just’ being there is of big value – a smile, an encouraging word, the time and the space for being together. It’s enough.
• New skills need to be tried out thousand times regardless of success for once or twice or ten times, gravity needs to be checked whenever is possible.
• Logic doesn’t help things happen just because, it’s better to get used to it, asking ‘why’ will just make things less fun. He wakes up early, full stop.
• Cherish the moment – planning is the main source for disappointment and stress. We either get to the appointment on time or not, if at all.
• Development is not linear – one step ahead, then back, then some side steps, then some other interest pops up, then whoknowshat, then maybe one step ahead again. And we grow together.
• Let myself be surprised – experimenting is key: maybe an unexpected reaction becomes the perfect one. Or not.
• Words are overrated – what about the smell of the poo or a hug after waking up!
Now, reflect for a moment: how your parenthood makes you a better Gestalt professional?

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